Tips and tricks for visiting Corsica

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, at a stone’s throw from France, Italy and Sardinia, Corsica is unperceived for many people. For some, however, it is the Mediterranean Sea just how we imagine it, encapsulating the best of what this sea has to offer and bringing us back in time.

Breathtaking cliffs, pristine beaches, high mountains and enchanted and timeless villages full of history. Known as the ‘Island of Beauty’, Corsica is a natural paradise with a wide variety of landscapes and endless possibilities. However, even though the island may seem small, the terrain is mainly mountainous, taking longer to go from one place to another. So, if you’re going just for few days, don’t forget to hire a car and plan your visit wisely. To help you do just that, here is a guide to make the most out of your visit.

2 things to do

Go hiking

With prodigious mountains and magnificent cliffs, Corsica is an epic destination for adventurous hikers. Located between Ajaccio and Propriano and a peak that soars 1,400m, Mount Saint Petru is a splendid trekking path where you’ll find a diverse an abundant biodiversity. It’s classed as moderate, it will take you about 3 hours and reward you with fantastic views. And if you are lucky you will spot wild goats, eagles and more!

Mount Saint Petru

Go diving

Corsica is home to an extraordinary biodiversity and sea life, which state of preservation is benchmark of quality in Europe. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled sea and discover the wildlife that inhabits in the surroundings of this magnificent island. If you are a bit more of an advanced diver, there are a few wrecks you can explore, from a B-17 shot down in 1944 by Nazi fighters to cargo ships that are now a new home for many inhabitants.

Diving Corsica

2 places to visit

Explore Ajaccio

Birthplace to Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio is Corsica’s capital. The city, surrounded by granite mountains and a vivid blue sea, has several museums and is a must for those visiting Corsica. From Napoleon’s house to Palais Fesch, the Cathedral and the library, there are several places to visit and get closer to the ancient history of Ajaccio. In between visits, don’t forget to stop by the street food market that takes place each Wednesday (high season) in front of the Town Hall, bringing producers from across the island.


Explore Bonifacio

Located at the southernmost of Corsica and at the end of a narrow towering cliff, this ancient city attracts a high number of tourists during high season. Its unique and impressive citadel was built in the 9th century at 70 meters high encircling the harbour of Bonifacio. Wander its narrow medieval streets and passages, and explore its exclusive harbour.


2 beaches to go

Close to Figari’s harbour there’s a trekking path called Rando Bruzzi. This narrow path, in the middle of a field will lead you to an inspiring beach. However, getting there is an adventure. The path goes to different directions so finding the beach is even more fun and rewarding!

Rando Bruzzi beach

However, if you like something more amazing and trickier, just underneath the Pertusato lighthouse and after a long walk on a rocky path, you’ll arrive to the Saint Antoine beach. This immaculate beach is hidden in the Pertusato Cape, just in front of Sardinia and located next to the cave that gives this beach its name. Explore the cave and the climb the cape or just enjoy the calmness and peacefulness of this marvellous place.

Pertusato cape

2 places to stay

Going to the South of Corsica can be quite expensive but at the end of the day you don’t have a full experience of Corsica and the amazing people that live there. If you want to live a great experience, stay in an astonishing modern place and be in the south of the island, there’s only one place to go: Le Golfe. With just 2 rooms, this place is literally on water (well, the terrace is). The building was a restaurant not long ago but the owners decided to transform it into this incredible accommodation. The hosts are amazing, really nice and kind people and the breakfast quite generous and yummy. Extremely recommended!

Le Golfe breakfast

But if you don’t have time to go south, are on a budget and want to stay close to Ajaccio you’ll love the camping La Vallée. We couldn’t carry our tent so we decided to have the fully glamping experience and it was totally worth it. They’ve just added 4 ecolodge, which are immaculate and really comfortable. And they all have their own kitchen and all the kitchenware you may need.

Camping La Vallee ecolodge

I do love going on holidays to the beach. Feeling the salty breeze coming from the sea, the heat of the sun on your skin, the touch of the sand on your fingertips and the sound of the water reaching the coastline. Just relax. However, I also enjoy discovering the history of a place, exploring its surroundings, admiring its nature. Corsica is a beautiful charming island to explore. Other places may be more well-known or idyllic, but there’s no other place where the clock seems to have stopped clicking. Where the landscape is just how it was 40 years ago all across the Mediterranean Sea.

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