Quick guide to Thailand’s paradise: Koh Lipe

Situated at the level of the Maldives in the Andaman Sea, at 60km from the mainland, Koh Lipe is Thailand’s southernmost island and its most precious paradise.

The island is surrounded by a turquoise limpid sea and powdery white sandy beaches. However, due to its geographic location and small size, is often overlooked by many tourists.

This lush island is the only year-around inhabited island of the Adang Archipelago, and it’s the perfect combination for those who love sports, partying, going on adventures and those who just want to relax and chill.

5 things to do in Koh Lipe

Watch the sunrise or the sunset

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching the sunrise and the sunset. It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or if you think they are too cheesy. You’re in Thailand, just make the most out of it! It’s a breathtaking experience. Forget the photos, leave your phone in your room. Just enjoy this amazing moment of your life.

Sunset at Pattaya Beach

Go snorkelling

Koh Lipe is a fantastic spot for snorkelling or scuba diving. If you don’t want to pay loads of money, book a boat taxi (you may know them as Long Tail Boats) and borrow a snorkel kit from your hotel (and if they don’t have any, just buy one in one of the shops in the Walking Street). Don’t forget your camera and be careful when walking or swimming on the beach as they are full of coral reef and you can get hurt pretty badly.

Pick up trash

It may not be your kind of holiday but if you care about nature, you want to have fun and live a different experience, join the Trash Hero on its mission of keeping Koh Lipe clean.

Go for a boat trip

Koh Lipe is just one of the islands that belong to the Adang-Rawi Archipelago and the Tarutao National Marine Park. But there are other deserted stunning islands that you can explore. If you’re lucky enough to be there, don’t miss the opportunity to do an island tour and even spend the day in your own private beach. I’d recommend that you take some food and water with you. And be careful, monkeys are quite fast so, don’t leave your food unattended.

Long tail boat Koh Lipe

Enjoy the nightlife

There’re plenty of places you can go for a drink (or two). My favourite one is the Sea La Vie bar. They have great cocktails, fantastic music and amazing views. There’re other great places, such as the Maya Bar and the Reggae bar, where you can enjoy a spectacular fire show. But if you want a night out like Ushuaïa in Ibiza, the Art Beach Club is the place to go.

chill out zone bar Koh Lipe

3 places to eat

There’re many places to eat in Koh Lipe and they don’t all serve Thai food. The BoxMade in Italy, The Elephant Koh Lipe…they all serve delicious European-style food (you should definitely try the burgers at The Elephant Koh Lipe!). However, if you love or want to try Thai food, the best place, and by far my favourite Thai restaurant in Koh Lipe is Sunrise Beach restaurant.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (or so they say). So, if you’re thinking about where to go for breakfast, and you’re a coffee addict (just like me) The Elephant Koh Lipe is the place for you. But if you want to eat your breakfast by the beach, there’s a place hidden under palm trees at Pattaya Beach: Cafe Lipe, a beautiful bar where you will find homemade bread, tasty banana milkshakes and cereals served with milk or yoghurt and fresh fruit.

1 place to stay

We all dream with a holiday on a paradisiacal island and a lush hotel. And some will be lucky enough to afford it. On the other hand, some will end up in hostels or unsanitary places. You’re in Koh Lipe. Forget about the luxury or saving money. If you want a great experience I’d recommend Green Beach View Resort. These bamboo and wood bungalows located on the beachfront have all the commodities you’ll need while in Koh Lipe.

Green View Beach Resort

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